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A cramped Press Conference

This week we wanted to analyze a press conference held at the Fnac of Valencia for the presentation of a book. Let’s analyze the shortcomings and errors of an act that we have termed ‘squeezed’ . It is the presentation of the book ” The economy in the open’. This presentation is announced by social networks (on another occasion we’ll discuss how to plan and execute it through social network) . The event was held on May 2 and was attended by Álvaro Anchuelo (first from the left as viewed from the reader), Andres Gonzalez (occupies the position ‘2’, that is second from the right as viewed from the reader), Roger Domingo ( first from right) and Cristina Seguí (second from left , albeit obvious clarify when being the only woman at the table).

First we will address the precedence. That is, they are sitting in their rightful place at the table. Cristina Seguí occupies the position ‘1’ on the table which acts as hostess of this event. Well done. Andres Gonzalez , co-author of the book, the position ‘2’. Well done. However, Álvaro Anchuelo and Roger Sunday should have swapped their positions, because we understand the importance of publishing is greater than the Economy’s specialist who was invited.

The first thing you notice is the table. Or it is too small or there are too many speakers. This furniture is for two people. It seems that the speakers are squeezed. No moving sense of order and well-structured space. Furthermore, the overload FNAC corporate site elements. With the three posters behind, the ‘camera shot’ and capture its corporate presence. No more is needed. So bad is not informed of who we are (where the ceremony was held, this time ) and saturate our corporate image. The posters of the table also saturate an area already charged (three microphones, a computer, the book really important!!).

More items in the table: the water. Only two bottles. Are the other two speakers punished? It would have been their corresponding glasses and coasters, but also we will very strict given the type of act. The sunglasses have better been in his pocket as they occupy a more visible than the book presented space. Someone had to have told him. As for the microphone, the last item to be discussed in the surface of the table, wireless microphones would have been advisable to oxygenate the space. If not possible and given the small reductions in the table, one would have sufficed microphone.

Let’s talk now about the front of the table. It is discovered. We should always avoid this. Watch out Cristina Seguí. She is wearing a skirt. Aware of this, she was attentive and showed good manners to avoid a filme ‘remake’ of the famous sequence of ‘ Basic Instinct ‘. Thankfully. Similarly is the shoes of men, their movements ( or not) nervous legs, etc. All this distracts the audience and draws them away from what really matters here: the book presentation. A front in the table were also used to cover the cables, which were inserted through the inside of the table.

Finally, two more details. One to them, the chairs. All of them must be equal and here it seems that both are different of the other two. A lead armrest and others not. And what about, the subject of the plugs to the back of the room. A decorative item (plant, vase , etc.) or corporate would solve that corner too apparent and somewhat lackluster .

We hope you have served and do not hesitate to contact us for the proper design and preparation of press conferences and other corporate events .


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