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Zummo Health Bar, quick reflexes in its social networks

In all the manuals and lectures on the use and management of social networks we are told what time is best suited for publication, the ideal vocabulary, text length and as many keys. But we have to be smart. We have to be fast. We have to be journalist! It is time to be awake and always aware of today to find a way to take the ‘up’ the day and upload it to our train . That is why those responsible in the management of social networks have not only known catalog of ‘good CM’ but must also have experience in media, be aware of what happens 24 hours a day worldwide and have reflections of realities unite your company brand . Here you have a good example.
Zummo Health Bar ‘ the first bar Healthy food in Spain ‘ . Its product is very good. The design of its store in Valencia is too. Reasonable prices. Trained staff. To round it all, its brand management in social networks going in the right direction . Yesterday May 14 were exceeded 40 degrees of temperature in Valencia, one of the most sweltering days recently. The trending topic of the day in the city. All Social Networks talked about it. Official accounts in social networks Zummo Health Bar reacted that fast and well. Bravo!




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