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Condolence Book Signing : sobriety.

International developments , especially those related to human tragedies, often unleash many institutional gestures. It is in these situations where the protocol passes first very first line. And that’s where evidence if an institution or an institutional representative is up to his office. We wanted to take this where the president of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, went to the French Embassy in Spain to sign the book of condolence. There were many institutional figures who signed in the same book over the weekend after the tragedy of Paris 13-N, but we selected this one because we feel that brings together everything we do must be done on protocol.


As shown, the Hall of the ambassador’s residence in Madrid is almost ‘pure’. There are no elements that distract the reader’s attention in the official photograph will then spread to the media (this one, aobe). Only a related art (tapestry, vase and sculpture) that give an impression of culture and solemnity, very French style, a country that for centuries championed the model of good ambassador elements in the whole world.

In the table signature, only the condolence book and a portrait of the François Hollande, president of the Frenc Republic. Again, cleanliness and clarity. Behind the table, the flags of France, EU and Spain, in the right order and with proper precedence for flags on government building interior size. Well done.

Finally, we analyze the ‘ human ‘ presence. Yves Saint-Geours, Ambassador of France in Spain, wearing a suit jacket and black tones and soft solemnity, politely waits in the background during the time of signature of Cristina Cifuentes. This, in turn, choose the same colors in dress. Also suit jacket. Her arms and neck are not covered with little jewelry or ornaments for this visit. As it should be in solemn acts of tragic overtones.

In conclusion, we value highly the selection of elements and behavior of those involved. Congratulations.


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