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The precedence in protocol: none is in place at VCF

One of the first things you learn in the world of the protocol is to know rank the precedence in official acts. At official events in which the Administration is involved, this is regulated. It is common for those who have studied Protocol have in hand a little book in which such precedence in memory. In the private corporate events where official authorities do not attend we should not neglect the proper management of precedence. Here we have an excellent example of impropriety precedence when posing for an official photo potentially be seen by millions of people ( the official VCF channels over four million followers).
It is the coming of renewed Valencia CF Foundation (VCF photo).


The event took place last Thursday April 16, 2015 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia. From left to right, as viewed from the reader, we have José Luis Zaragosí (advisor to the Board of the VCF Foundation), Koh Kim Huat (‘patron’ of the VCF Foundation and director of the VCF ) Chan Lay Hoon (‘patron’ of the VCF Foundation and President of the Board of Directors of VCF), Ser Miang Ng (President of the Board of the Foundation and advisor VCF), Amadeo Salvo (‘patron’ of the VCF Foundation and Executif President of VCF ) and Salvador Belda (‘patron’ of the VCF Foundation).

There are two obvious protocol mistakes in the order of precedence. First of José Luis Zaragosí, while advisor to the Board, occupies position 5 when it should occupy the position 6. That is, he and Salvador Belda should swap their positions under the correct order of precedence. Similarly Amadeo Salvo and Koh Kim Huat should also exchange their places in positioning for photography. Although both play the role of Trustees, the Executive Chairman of the club has more seniority in that position, so it should stand as 3 instead of 4. Second protocol mistake.

Moreover, given that this is an act of the VCF Foundation, not the Valencia CF (the club), Ser Miang Ng, Chairman of the Board of Trustees VCF should occupy position 1 and no 2, which is occupied by Lay Hoon Chan (‘patron of VCF Foundation). So in order of strict application of rules of protocol, they should also exchange their places in the photo. We understand, however, that this placement could be understood as an act of courtesy to the figure of the President of the Board of the VCF in both this position and / or shape as women on the Board…


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