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It is in this first post will use to explain why the birth of Planabout. Since communication is something that moves us, the ideal has been diving in one of the hundreds of texts we read every month in our goal to be at the forefront. This text appeared just in the last paragraph of an article in Forbes magazine this March entitled There are things that every entrepreneur should remember. And he says: “Watch your corporative image every day (both online and offline). Do not neglect even a minute the deal you offer your customers personally when your business or there is potential across the screen of your website or social networks. It is essential that you have an image perfectly designed facing the public”.

In Planabout we are professionals of the Communication. About a quarter of a century guarantee. Both media and private enterprise cabinets. Recently, moreover, we realized that the image of the company needs to be reinforced with all the details that apply the protocol. That’s why we have complemented our ongoing training and work in this area. Some firms have a cabinet of own press, but it is frequent that the service is outsourced. However, and this is where Planabout combines and enhances its proposal, rare are the cases where the employer realizes the importance of the protocol to enhance the value of your message… your product.

So don’t look back. Don’t think that communication is just an e-mail or a web site. Your communication is everything. And everything communicates, as we like to emphasize. Then it happens that in the external relations of the company, in its treatment beyond the media, there is another ‘communication’ supplementing the press office and improvement. For instance: Who will speak first if there speeches (by the way, who write our speech? Should we sign … right or left?

The higher we get, more carefully and demand will be seen as just explained. Because everything communicates . And that’s something we love : to communicate properly.


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